A treasure box!


My treasure box

Almost 10 years ago, right before I left for college, my aunt gifted me with an antique jewellery box. It used to belong to her mother, so it must be almost 70-80 years old. The detailed cravings on it is just amazing and it is so sturdy!

Of course, with time, the top of the box and the inner lining was starting to wear out. I mean fabrics were not meant to last 70-80 years, right? The top of the box was really dull and dust had settled into the cravings.

Attention to details

Attention to details

Recently my wonderful boyfriend saw the box and asked if he could make it his project to refurbish it. I completely trusted his abilities (I mean the guy made his own bed and dining table!!) and told him to go ahead. For almost 4 weeks, as and when he got sometime, my boyfriend worked on it. He spent a full Sunday trying to just loosen the dirt from the carvings!

He ripped out the inner lining and we bought some felt fabric for the base and topped it with a dusky blue silk fabric. We chose the dusky blue because that is the colour of one my dresses (from Zara where else??!) and it happens to be his favourite. He just finished the box this past weekend and what can I say?! I am in love ;)

I have filled it with all my earrings and necklaces for now (I have a lot of jewellery) but might have to do some reorganising at a later date. Perhaps one day I will get to pass this onto my daughter (if we are lucky enough to have one)?


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