A Sephora shopping list-ish

NYC Sephora Shopping Plan

Sephora Shopping Plan

I am heading to the US really soon and boy I am preparing to shop! Not to mention also trying to prepare D  with the amount of shopping I plan on doing. I have promised to limit the shopping to 2 days out of 9, not too bad right? One of the first stops? Sephora!

Even though there is a Sephora in Singapore, it is bloody expensive and totally marked-up. I was on Sephora’s website, made a list of possible items and when I converted the price found that it was cheaper for me to shop there!

So, what are the items on my list?

1. Sephora Collection Prestige Luxe Brush Set – Now this set is currently on sale on their website. I just hope it’s on sale when I get to the store :-/ A girl can never have enough brushes, correct?

Plus, I would really like to have some good quality brushes that I know will last a long time and so that I won’t need to wash my brushes, when I get lazy, cause I will have options :P 

2. NARS Bronzing Powder – I don’t know why but it is really challenging to find a good bronzer that works with my skin colour. Whether it is at the drug-store or the Sephora here, it is hard to find products that work for girls with even slightly darker skin tones. I am really hoping I will find the right colour with a brand that has such good reviews.

3. KAT VON D Monarch Eyeshadow Palette – Okay, this is just a B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L palette. I mean just look at the colours! They are so rich and I think they would perfect colours to use on a regular basis while having the option to really OOMPH it up at night ;)

4. Bare Minerals Correcting Concealer Broad Spectrum SPF 20 – A concealer that doubles as sunscreen? Bring it on! Plus, we all know that this brand offers tons of shades where any woman can find a colour that will suit her.

5. Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black – In the past few weeks I have been hearing amazing reviews for this perfume and I am definitely ready for a new scent. Only question is will it be Nirvana Black or White? Hmmm……

Now I can’t guarantee that there won’t be other items that will somehow find it’s way into my shopping bag, but will be sure to update you should that happen.

I also plan on buying a few fashion items, in particular shoes.  Why? Let’s just say I live in Asia and have fairly large feet :-| There will be an update on that too!


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