When it comes to nailing it


Surprisingly no 2 shades match! :D


Never-fails-me colours

Can a lady ever have enough nail polishes or too many? That is a debatable question. My nail-polish-stand might say “Yes”, but I say “No!” I could practically wear a different shade everyday of the month if I wanted to. My nails might not look so great without nail polish if I did that, and let’s be realistic who has time for that?! Looking at my collection one thing is clear. I am a creature of comforts and I certainly prefer specific colours (am stating the obvious, aren’t I?).

My style, I would say, is definitely more towards sophisticated bohemian. This translates into all aspects of my life – fashion, nails/makeup, home decor, etc. I do love it when some women pull of some really “out there” colours. I am secretly (eeehhhh….) deep down inside a little jelly, jelly too. One thing I don’t particularly like? Nail art. It’s just not my thing nor do I like it seeing it on someone else’s fingers.

Some weeks I am better at maintaining my nails than others. I have very dry nail beds, so I definitely need to moisturise every time I wash my hands – the constant weekend dish washing never helps. The older I get the more aware I am that one’s age can show through your hands. So moisturise!

When I paint my nails it usually tends to happen on the weekend and stays on for about a week, even if the colour chips after a couple of days, cause that’s usually when I have the time. Some of my favourite, never-fails-me colours, and brands are (left to right);

1. Revlon Top Speed in Cloud (710): The perfect light grey that goes with everything, cause white it just a little too harsh against my skin colour.

2. Bourjois 1 Seconde in Rose Cupcake (06): First, cupcake is just such a yummy word and am craving one now (totally don’t need it). Two, what an amazing formula. Three, it is the perfect bright pink and is certainly noticeable ;)

3. Revlon in Gray Suede (705): Perfect, perfect, perfect nude shade with just a touch of pink. Lasts usually for 4-5 days before I notice any chipping. Revlon knows how it’s done.

4. Revlon in Teak Rose (161): A gorgeous dusty pink for the days when I want something classic.

5. Bourjois 1 Seconde in I like to Mauve it (40): A glittery deep reddish purple (am great with naming colours aren’t I?) when I want something festive.

I must add that living in Singapore, where is it summer 365 days of the year, it hard to always wear the latest season’s colours. I find dark colours quite harsh when worn with an easy-breezy white summer dress (cause it’s always freaking hot!!). That is of course just my choice.

What are your favourite and never-fails-me colour(s)??


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