My happiness project begins

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In the past couple of months I have been a lot more conscientious of my feelings and the energy I am sending out into the world. I know for a fact that getting older and approaching 30 is one of my motivating factors and is also scaring the beejeezus (yes, beejeezus) out of me.  I can’t associate myself with the number, cause I really feel like am 16 half the time! (I might even act like am 9 sometimes) 

Now, I must say that getting older doesn’t bother me and why should it?! I am more in control of my life today that I was 10 years ago. I am more aware that life will not go according to plan and to let things go (it’s never easy and I do struggle but it takes me less time to get over it).  I also firmly believe that there is still plenty more of good things to come.

Though I am a lot more fearful than when I was younger because I didn’t  know what all could go wrong, I was a great day-dreamer…. I lie, I still am. Knowing what can go wrong does instil some level of fear in a person.  However, I am in the process of learning how to overcome that. Charge on no matter what! My main thing is I really don’t want to look back on my life and feel that I wasted it. That I didn’t pursue what I loved.  Life-gone-too-early did hit home when I was very young and I do think about it more as I approach her age.

So, to maximise my life and live it to the fullestI know I need to do 2 things – this may not apply to all. One, be fearless. Two, be happy.

As part of my mission/journey I picked up Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project a little over a month ago. It isn’t exactly a book that one can pick-up and read through in a few days, not if you want to apply all that she recommends into your daily life. It is hard to apply all the rules and tips & tricks into your life in one go too. So I know this will be a book that I will go back to over and over again.

I started with the first part which was to de-clutter my closet. As someone who LOVES fashion, dressing-up and has no sense of a capsule closest (I can’t even wear the same pair of jeans in week!), this was a hard task for me. Let me say it does feel good that I can see the back of my closest ;) I also applied that same logic at work (I work in Marketing and damn does the paper collect).

Another thing she recommended, that I found very useful, was to tackle all those 1 minute tasks. You know, the tasks that will really only take one minute of your time but we can be guilty of continuously postponing it? No? Really? Am I the only one?

I am still not done with the book, but there was another part in the book and throughout my life I have heard over and over. The act of being grateful. Whether we keep a gratitude journal, practice gratitude meditation, or just take 5 mins to list all that we are grateful for before bed there is no denial it can elevate our moods. What really stood out to me also was how in Thailand people visit temples when they are grateful for something and not when they are in despair. A simple “Thank you!” to that superior being, power, God, Ganesha, Jesus, or universe. We like it when someone thanks us for something we did, so why aren’t we thanking the universe?

I say it is a must read, no matter where you are in your life, there is something we can all take away from this book. Wouldn’t it be lovely if the world got together for a Happiness Project! There’s the day-dreamer… 

I have a couple of other books that I recently bought (I must have looked like a desperate lady with all those self-help books, but who cares?!)  to inspire/guide me on this quest to being fearless and happy. I will do my best to share my thoughts (and progress) on this topic, even though in some ways it will be a never-ending journey.  It is the journey that matters after all and not the destination, right?

What books do you recommend?


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