August Favorites







August was a wonderful month with holidays, loved ones and birthdays (many important birthdays!) on my mind. I took a short break with my fam-bam where we headed back to our roots! I got to see where my dear grandfather (who has to be the cutest grandfather ever!) grew-up and spent his younger years. He hadn’t been back in 54 years and certainly a lot had changed.  It was truly a very memorable holiday. Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a better month.

Some of the beauty items that certainly made this already wonderful month even better:

1. Moroccanoil Treatment Light I have now learnt the trick of drying my hair with a t-shirt (a.k.a D’s t-shirt). As soon as I step-out of the shower, I wrap the t-shirt around my head, and leave it on for a good 15 – 20 mins (I switch to the dry side in between once). After which, I take a pea size amount, warm it in my hands and apply it half-way to the ends. It is a lovely light-weight oil (I also have the regular version) that gives your hair the perfect amount of hydration and makes it oh-so-sooooft. The regular version is equally good!

2.  Bed Head Tigi Foxy Curls I suffer from ridiculously frizzy hair – isn’t that the case for all of us wavy/curly haired girls? I use this spray on slightly damp hair, as I found that it makes my hair every stiff and sticky when used on dry hair.  It holds my curls perfectly, gives me a light beachy waves, and smells delicious (sweet and slightly candy-ish without being offensive).

3. Kiehl’s Super Fluid UV Defense Suncreen SPF 50+ Even though I am slightly tanned and spend a majority of my time indoors I make it a point to wear sunscreen everyday. It’s just part of my morning routine. The formula is amazing, light and most importantly does not leave you with a white face :) Love it!

4. ESSIE Nail Lacquer I picked up this colour during my trip to the States. I can’t find this brand in Singapore (which is a probably a good thing cause it will cost a bomb – not that it ever stops me). A wonderful nail neutral & natural shade that works great with my skin colour.

5. Stila Dual Lip and Cheek Cream Perfect perfect blush that gives a dewy glow to my cheeks. I don’t use it on my lips cause I feel it washes my lips out. Dab this on your cheeks and layer tons (!!!) of mascara and you are good to go!

Perhaps next post will be my favourite fashion items of the moment? Cause Lord knows I have plenty of those.



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