Most loved fashion items – ATM a


A glimpse into the items am just loving in my closest at-the-moment.


Ahhh Zara…. you are my Achilles. D purchased this for me during a once-in-a-blue-moon shopping trip a few months ago. A classic silhouette that I know will always stay in style and such an unusual colour! The fabric is slightly on the thicker side making it a little challenging to wear on a day when I know I am going to be outside. That said, pair it with black chunky heels, a clutch/sling-bag and it’s perfect for classy date-night or to work :)


I went a little crazy on ASOS and bought a bunch of black dresses – 4 to be exact, cause realized I didn’t have enough black dresses in my closest. Shocking! I know! It’s a high-low dress that is perfect for a Sunday brunch – with gold flats and bangles, or to work – with leopard print flats and tan bag.


This is one of the 4 black dresses I got from ASOS and was meant to be my birthday dress (I wore something completely different on the day itself). Easy, sexy, and comfortable. What more could a girl ask for?! Of course, this is totally an evening or weekend dress as it’s just a tad too revealing to wear to work.



Yes, another black item. Trust me though when I say I actually have a very colourful wardrobe. I picked up this high-low Dolan top from Anthropologie during my trip to the States. I mean how could I go to the States and not go to Anthropologie!? The detail ladies and gentlemen is in the back (hard to see here I know, I need a better camera!).


Another buy from Anthropologie and yes, another high-low top. The image only shows the back, cause genius me accidentally deleted the front. Besides the shoulder and back detail, what I love about this top is that it makes you looked dressed-up no matter what you wear on the bottom (a.k.a upcoming ripped jeans! :) Effortless.


I am obsessed. Never did I think that I would own a pair of ripped jeans! I wore this along with a loosely tucked white silk shirt and tan wedges to my birthday dinner & drinks. It’s was just so darn comfy – goodbye form-fitting dresses for all future birthdays... I swear I could live in them! Any guesses about where I bought them?? Zaaaa….. help me!!


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