The weekend get-ups


Honestly, I never need an excuse to dress up. Now let me say that does not mean pulling out a fancy dress and high-heels (ha! I wish I wore my heels more often) every single time. If I am going to get an opportunity to present myself well, then am going to take it! I certainly am not obsessive, but there is some joy in making an effort. Right?!

I am lucky that I don’t have too many work-attire restrictions so I do get to dress as I like during the week – of course nothing too short, though there are many girls who do. Like really?.  However, the weekends are when I get to wear anything I am in the mood for :)

Starting from Friday night to Sunday here are some outfits that I would say are like my never-fail items.

IMG_0539 IMG_0555 IMG_0561

Perfect Friday night dinner and drinks outfit. My favourite ripped jeans (from Zara… duh!!) with a black top and chunky black heels (from Zara too).


Love this Anthropologie dress (it has an criss-cross back with a small opening at the lower back – you can see it a little here). It’s just right for running errands on Saturday and perhaps breakfast/ picnic at the Botanical Gardens?

IMG_0466 IMG_0470


Recent purchase from ASOS, that I spoke about in an earlier article, and is excellent for when you need to transition from day to night quickly :) During the day I pair it with my Sam Edleman Gigi flats. For night I throw on a pair of tan & copper wedges from Vincent Camuto.

IMG_0499 IMG_0507God I love this dress! I bought it for USD50 at a small store in Downtown Los Angeles. Better? I’ve had for almost 7 years and it’s still in suck good condition! I can wear to the grocery store, beach, watch a movie, picnic,… Jesus the list is really endless!

I find it quite comforting to have some never-fail outfits in my closet. Don’t you?


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