A quickie can make a difference


Between a full-time job, everyday household activities, and attempting to pursue what I love I definitely don’t always have 30 – 40 mins to just relax and give myself a facial every 2 – 3 days. But as someone who is fairly concerned (perhaps even overly so? not that it will ever change) about my skin I do want to give it the love & attention it deserves. So, what is the solution? Slap on a mask while I am attacking all those pesky household activities of course!

To start, I make sure to use an exfoliating face wash (loving my Alpha-H Micro Cleanse ) followed by a moist warm muslin cloth to take it off. The warm muslin cloth helps with opening my pores, not to mention also gives a very relaxing sensation. Next, I apply a thin layer of the AESOP Parsely Seed mask and booooyyy… do I love it! Oh and thank you for pointing out those gigantic pores you wonderful mask!  My self-esteem might take a plunge for a minute or two after seeing them, but once the mask is off I certainly feel like my skin is radiating. I use cool water to wash off the mask as this helps with closing my pores, and then just apply 3-4 drops of the AESOP Fabulous Face Oil all over my face and neck (never forget your neck ladies… even with the mask) and gently massage it in. Voilà am done and can get back to all those pesky little tasks with happier and brighter skin!


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