It’s all about them eyes


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Culture has certainly played its part in how my make-up style began & evolved. It started off, like most Indian girls, with the primary focus on my eyes. A test of kohl liner in varied forms; lower line only, lower lash and tight-lining, lower and upper lash line – clean or smudged. It still is and always will be one of my trusted 2 min makeup looks.

Recently however I have really gotten into eyeshadows. Of course since I can never decide on a colour palettes are the best option for me. The few (?) palettes that are supporting me on this adventurous streak of mine?

1.Sleek MakeUP i-Divine Sunset – An excellent shimmer palette with colours that can easily be used for day or night looks. As someone who tends to love shimmer in general you can say this palette is getting some real good lovin’.

2. Sleek MakeUP i-Divine Ultra Matte – Woah! I know :) I am still trying to learn how to work this palette into my make-up routine. I’ll do a post on that really soon. However, it’s an excellent idea to have that one shocking palette with colours that you may not use so often, but it’s just great to have – just in case. Besides have you ever seen Indian outfits? Colour is our middle name. Right?

3. the Balm’s Nude Tude – Okay… so it was with this palette that I learnt that I have slightly oily lids – thank you Singapore humidity! Not impressed. That being said I still enjoy using this palette. One look in particular that I love is to sweep “Sexy” all over my eye-lids, apply some kohl on my lower lash, tight-line and end it with lashings of the Loreal Telescopic Mascara. I find that it is a great smokey daytime look.

4. Kat Von D Monarch Eyeshadow Palette – Mentioned that I was going to pick-up this palette during my US trip in an earlier post. I think what drew me to the palette the most was the eyeshadow “Wrath” – I’ll admit I am not a big fan of the name. It’s just such an unusual colour, but so inviting and rich. The rest of the colours are neutral. For me, personally, I felt there was a little too much fall-out so I press the eyeshadow onto my lid first and then blend it in. I know ViviannaDoesMakeup is eyeing it and I suggest she get it.

5. Maybelline Eyeshadow Palette – Okay… I don’t know the name of the palette and I did try to search for it on their website but sadly no luck. I guess we can only find it in Asia? This is another shimmer palette – I did say I love shimmer. The dark midnight blue colour, at top, is my favourite and is very intense. In fact, all the colours are quite intense. Thus, making it one of my go-to colours for a night out – which is now once in a blue moon ;)

I feel that I am pretty set at the moment with my eyeshadow palettes, though I will say Charlotte Tilbury’s eyeshadow palette in Golden Goddess has certainly captured my eyes & heart.


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