Brow-ing me crazy!



I had the unfortunate experience as a young kid where a playground accident resulted in my left brow being sliced in half. It’s such a clean line that some people actually thought I did that on purpose. I might have been a rebellious kid, over plucked my eyebrows? Yes – like that’s shocking But to cut it in half? Who am I? Shane Lynch from Boyzone? (Love them)

So getting my eyebrows to match has been a challenge, to say the least, for as long as I have worn makeup. Some days I just want to rock the whole “bold eyebrows, fresh face” look, but feel I end up spending too much time getting them to match! Maybe that’s the issue? Patience? There are days where I wear my scar proudly, but then some days I just want them to be twin sisters bloody hell!!

I’ve experimented with numerous pencils. I used to go months using any old pencil cause nothing met my expectations. Colour, texture, staying power etc. Was I asking for too much? After reading (okay.. I lie. I mean watching YouTube videos) so many rave reviews about the Anatasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz and finding it on BeautyBay, I just knew I had to give it a try.

My thoughts? I love the spoolie. It’s hard and certainly helps with tidying my brows. The nib is super thin – I mean look at the pic, you can barely notice it! It is perfect for drawing fake hairs and gives a very natural finish.

Is it worth the price? SGD23.40? Meh…. However, I honestly can’t see myself ever using any other brow pencil especially for everyday use. So I will definitely be repurchasing her when the time comes and just need to accept my three brows are here to stay. Forever.



P.S. I am still not giving up on finding “the one” that helps with covering the scar from time to time and getting my brows to kinda-sorta match.


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