Color me envy




I know I know… I haven’t been very good with my posts. Trust me I am working on it and will get there.

I thought I’d share with you how I used my oh-so-colourful Sleek Ultra Matte palette. I decided to whip it out a few weeks ago when I was meeting up with some friends for drinks. Now this palette is seriously bright and slightly scary to work with but the colours are buildable. The issue was which colour? Well… I have tried green eyes before and quite like it. Plus it complements my brown eyes :)

I used the 2 greens in the palette. I applied the darker one on the inside of my eyelids, the lighter one on the outside and blended them together to make sure there were no harsh line anywhere. Of course, I couldn’t go entirely green. I added a bit of gold to the centre to make sure it the colours popped and didn’t just look like I had dark circles. I think it  turned out fine and not over the top. What do you think?

The Sleek palettes are such beautiful and affordable palettes. A must in every beauty buffs stash.




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