Your beauty and fashion needs – Online!


I really have started to dislike shopping. Now now.. let me clarify that statement. I have started to dislike shopping in person. Reason being… I don’t particularly like crowds and get far too overwhelmed at stores, especially when there is a sale going on. D can even see it on my face when we enter a store when a sale is going on. I start to feel jittery and nervous. So… thank you online shopping!!

The only challenge I face with online shopping is finding sites where there aren’t shipping costs. I have noticed there a few good UK sites that fulfil this requirement. Not many US sites though and that is a bit of a bummer :-/ Some of the stores that are catering to all my needs (beauty/fashion)… I am a simple girl with some ridiculous needs.

1. FeelUnique – One of my favourite beauty websites. It offers free delivery worldwide! Delivery time is between 7 – 14 days but I usually end up receiving it within a week. Carries numerous well-known brands is a site also loved by other beauty bloggers ;)

2. Luxola – The website has a store/warehouse in Singapore. Making delivery super quick (next day) and you can choose the timing of the delivery! I usually get a text message 15 – 30 mins before the delivery man arrives. Another thing, is that they have real good promotions at least 2 -3 times a month! So best to register with them to get early updates on the promotions.

3. BeautyBay – Another great beauty website. The pricing is pretty similar to FeelUnique but I do like to browse on both to compare… just in case. Beauty Bay has a few products that FeelUnique doesn’t carry and vice-versa. Delivery did take about 10 days, but I am not complaining. Bought my Anastasia Brow Wiz from this site… and my brows are certainly thanking me for it.

4. ASOS – Love this website for clothes shopping. I do love my Zara, but during the autumn/winter seasons I find the selections doesn’t really work for the always-hot Singapore. Like really? Winter jackets when it’s 34 degrees outside?! So, thank you ASOS for taking care of me during the winter months for my summer needs. Delivery is super quick and items are returnable.

5. Nasty Gal – The only American brand of the lot. Some of the items are a tad too sexy for me, but there really is something for everyone. I especially love the dress selection they carry. I have a couple on my radar, and will probably end up caving in fairly soon to that basket I have been loading but not buying….. I am not the only one that does that. Right?

6. Mankind – Great website when you want to buy your man/ the men in your life some essentials (and so that they won’t start using your products). I love that they sell AESOP products, and it does help that D loves the style and smell of AESOP products. I mean how can you not?!

There you have it! Hop on over and have a look. Fill your baskets! Checking out is your choice ;) Do share with me your favourite buys or any other site recommendations.




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