Yummy sweet potato and ground beef curry


Last weekend I was sitting at the computer, while D was working on some fabulous kitchen lighting, thinking “I really don’t feel like leaving the house, but we barely have anything in the kitchen to cook. Or do we??” Googled “minced beef and sweet potato….” and voila! Got led to the website MyHeartBeetsThe lady behind this wonderful yet simple recipe is Ashley. You guys should check out this site…. it has some lovely recipes and I am starting the create a list of recipes I want to try.

I didn’t have all the ingredients she has listed so I used what I had in my cabinet and improvise.

INGREDIENTS: 3 Japanese sweet potatoes – diced, 500g – 1kg minced beef, 1 or 2 cans of diced tomatoes (depending on how wet you want it), 3 tablespoons coconut oil, 1 red onion chopped, 4 cloves of garlic chopped fine, 1 chunk of ginger grated, 2 tsp garam masala, 2 tsp coriander powder, 2 tsp chilli powder, 1 tsp turmeric, 2 cups of water, salt to taste, and some chopped coriander


1. Heat 2 tablespoons of coconut oil in a non-stick pot and add the sweet potatoes. Cook until almost done and set aside.

2. Add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil to the pot and add the onions. Stir for about 2 – 3 minutes and add the garlic and ginger. Enjoy the delicious aromas that fill the kitchen. After 3 minutes add the diced tomatoes.

3. Add the spices and stir well. Once everything has been mixed well, add the ground beef.

4. Cook the beef till it is almost browned. Add the salt and water, stir everything, cover with a lid and let the flavours sink-in to the sweet potatoes and ground beef. Leave it covered for 10 – 15 minutes.

5. Remove lid. Add the chopped coriander and serve.

We had it with rice and almost finished the whole pot that night. I think it will go great with an additional Indian okra dish. Give it a try and let me know if you enjoyed it as much as we did.




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