Are you earring me?


IMG_0715 IMG_0710

It’s probably the Indian in me and definitely my grandmother’s influence too. I love jewellery and over the years well-made ones, with earrings having a particular soft-spot. I have a favourite store called Aquamarine, in Mumbai, that I try to visit every time I am there. I swear, fellow jewellery lovers could easily spend a good 2 -3 hours in that store along with their sister store Popli.

I mean they even provide you with a little chair so that you can take your time and browse drawers of their beautifully crafted jewellery!!! I really can’t wait to go back. In the above collection, 3 of them are from Aquamarine, the other 2 (deep red and green) were bought by my ever-so-tasteful sister-in-law. The pink ones I picked up on my first trip to Amsterdam.

I switch between them, a few other pieces, depending on what I am wearing. I just feel they bring something extra to the whatever it is I am wearing.

Do you also have some go to jewellery pieces you always reach for?




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