I finally found you!!


IMG_1516 IMG_1522 IMG_1529

You know us girls (who love – okay obsessed with makeup) and our never ending hunt to find that perfect nude lipstick?! Well, mine has been one of either too drying, too pink, or wherediditgo?! However, my luck might have just changed. The other day as I was making some last minute purchases for the wedding I quickly swatched 2 Laura Mercier lipsticks and was in love with the colour immediately. I had been on the look out for a slightly pinkish-brown shade and this was right up my alley.

The first one I tried on in the shade Cafe (I believe) was out of stock and more of a matte finish. Luckily there was an exact duplicate in the creamy lipsticks range. Dulce-de-Leche come to mama! Moisturising, long lasting and the perfect pinkish-brown (appears more red in the photos). I really couldn’t ask for more…. Well, maybe just a matte version of the same shade. Any recommendations out there?!




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