Home… getting to know you


I find myself in an unfamiliar and oddly comfortable place. It’s only been about 1.5 weeks since I left sunny-humid Singapore. Here I am in sunny/rainy/cold – pleasemakeupyourmind Netherlands. There is just so much for me to learn on a daily basis but knowing I might just be calling this place home in several months is also helps a wee…. bit with my nerves.

You hear it over and over again. The Dutch love to bike, sail, go camping and eat cheese. It’s a good thing I am comfortable with eating all kinds of cheese :-/ One less thing to learn! I do know how to ride a bike, but in crowded streets?!!! Dear Lord help me. The thing is I know there is just no choice. If I want to live a free and integrated life it is just something I need to learn. I’d like to believe I adapt easily and learn quickly. I just pray that riding a bike in the city will eventually become second nature to me (asap).

However, my biggest challenge is that I have to learn Dutch. Today morning my wonderful husband (saywhat??!!!) and I went through the alphabets and then the vowels. Is there really a difference between oo and uu? Or is there no difference? What do you mean there is no logic? Why do some words look like sentences?

But if the language is the only thing standing between me and my ideal job then be ready for some serious guttural talking :p Official language classes begin in 2 weeks.

There is a long and winding road ahead. Exciting times isn’t it? Hoi hoi!




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