Dazzling or Dizziling Double Dutch A.0


FullSizeRenderIt’s only been a few days since I started learning Dutch. It certainly isn’t an easy language to learn but then again is there an easy language? I am starting to recognise a bunch of words, but what am struggling with is the alphabets and the vowels. Not to mention needing people to speak reeeeeeeallll…. slow. Turns out native Dutch speakers freaking drop alphabets from theirs words when talking!!!

The Dutch alphabets are exactly the same as in English. Which is great! However, when I look at the letter “e” my head recognises it as “e” but it is “ah”(or “eh” gah!) in Dutch. And to me the alphabets are incomplete sounds (if that makes any sense). So “m” is mmh… and “v” is vvhh(with a really deep voice).

Oh the things we do for love. Then I think to myself wouldn’t it be amazing if in 5 weeks from now I can actually have a conversation with my partner (about the weather perhaps?) in his native language?! Or even with the grocer?!

Also, I figured if I want to learn this language quick perhaps it would help if I read books that are of actual interest to me. Hello Vogue Nederlands and Women’s Health (or should I say Vrouwen Gezondheid ;) Any Dutch beauty vloggers out there I should watch?! Please do let me know :)




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