In all its grandness





Well, it’s hard to not notice that Dubai is a grand place. Everything…. everything, is big, bright, and in-your-face. It is amazing what the country has achieved considering it has very limited natural resources (except oil… and oil can move mountains).

I am certainly grateful I got to visit it(thanks to a convenient lay over flight and my dad), but left knowing I could never live there. I mean as a shopaholic one should not live in a country where products are not taxed… as in at all.

But jokes apart is it just me or is the entire place about consumerism? Yes, one can think how can I – a person who loves to shop, have an issue with consumerism?! It is an easy life to get sucked into, but it is not the life I want to live. I was never necessarily proud of my shopping habits.

I do know there is more to life… partly the reason why we are on this year-long sabbatical. Trust me travelling for 6 – 8 months with luggage only weighing 20kgs is a freaking achievement (patting self on the back). I wanted to challenge myself, teach myself, to live on less and appreciate more.

So sadly Dubai didn’t make it onto my list of places I would like to live in. Vancouver for some reason keeps popping up in my head… and I haven’t even been there!






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