At the end…


Wow! We are almost at the end of our 8 month sabbatical. Time really does fly by when you are having fun. I haven’t been able to post as access to internet was not always consistent, but I also wanted to just be present wherever we were.

During this sabbatical we have been to; Dubai –> Singapore –> Krabi –> Singapore –> Delhi –> Rishikesh –> Delhi –> Mumbai –> Pune –> Goa –> Kumarakom –> Singapore –> New Zealand (North & South Island) –> Australia (The Great Eastern Coastal Drive) –> Singapore –> Chennai –> Netherlands (HOME!!)

We feel truly blessed that we could take a trip like this and wouldn’t have done it any other way. However, we are also excited and looking forward to starting our life in The Netherlands.

This journey pushed me out of my comfort zone – out of the city and into nature, and let’s just say am quite proud of myself ;-) There a few things I learnt on this trip and will be sharing them in the coming posts.

Happy to be back!






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