Turning to Yoga


In the past year, during our travels, my husband and I enrolled in a Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC). I went into the programme not wanting to become a teacher, but to improve my practice and gain a few tools that I could always turn to during rough times. Why yoga? There were times I attended class everyday for a few months and then nothing. It happens, I know, “life” gets in the way. However, yoga never failed me. Ever. When I stuck to my practice I saw improvement and my outlook on life got more positive.

At the end of the YTTC I wanted nothing more than to share yoga with others. There are so many people out there who do not always have the best tools and/or coping skills when times get rough. I just knew/realised that anyone and everyone could find some answers  through yoga, and I hope that I can help them in the process.

When I say yoga, I do not just mean the physical aspect (asanas), it involves the physical and the metaphysical. Breath, meditation, and asanas. Yoga has become my way of life.

I obviously have not lost passion for fashion (am just more into yoga wear fashion now :). So my posts will cover a lot more about yoga and life in the coming future, because new dreams are welcomed and change is allowed.



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