Understanding your body

IMG_2398.JPGToday I learnt something very interesting about my body. I have a VERY weak core. A troubling thing to learn, but I am also grateful that I did cause now I can do something about it. After my hot yoga lesson there was a consultation session organised with the amazing yoga therapist and teacher Sherie van den Wijngaard. OMG! I was just amazed with her ease of entering poses and holding them.  Google her. She just saw me, with a bit of a shocked look, and asked what I did as a kid? Nothing. She did also mention it was possible that it was genetics. Which turns out it might just be.

I knew something was off with my body because I was struggling to hold one-leg balancing poses, even after having practiced it for a few years. In particular, I was feeling it in my knee. An area you never want to feel any kind of tension, so I was aware I needed to address it. Yes, everything is connected. Weakness in one part of the body leads to us over compensating in another part, surprising parts in fact.

I was given a very simple exercise to strengthen my iliopsoas transverse abdominals (located in the lower abdomen, the muscle you feel deep inside when you cough) that I need to practice for a month till the next consultation. 20 reps on each side. Oh!! Foot and shoulder massages everyday too!! Aheeemmmm…. husband you reading this?

It just got me thinking about why/how it can be so beneficial to learn and understand our body. Now I get the reason behind why I struggled with some poses. The core is essential and key to not just many asanas but also supports you in your everyday life. Knowing that I have a weak core (currently) I can work my way into a pose only until right before I loose that hold in my belly. The aim is to “master” each pose before entering into the final asana.

Do not rush. Just let it be, for now :)






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